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March 22, 2019 in News Tags:

In order to overcome the fear to speak in public it is necessary to identify the causes originate that it and to see if these reasons are valid in themselves. The fear to speak in public increases due to continuous thoughts of which something disagreeable or humiliating could happen to us. Also some erroneous concepts exist that make worse the things and that we will see next. To speak in public does not have to be an activity that originates fear and preoccupation as long as you know some concepts keys. It enters the causes of the fear to speak in public are: The possibility of committing some error? The possibility of saying something incorrect? The possibility that we remain in target and we do not remember what we must say. Paul Ostling follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. That the people can make fun of of us the reality is that, the majority of these things does not get to happen. Even, if something as this happens, exists technical to speak in public to do against such circumstances. All these fears are founded on things that not yet have happened and when being thinking constantly about them you are training to your mind to commit them.

The best thing would be to train to your mind of positive form to resist these fears and concentrarte in offering to the public a content of value by means of your presentation. Now we are going to mention some principles that will help you to overcome the fear to speak in public: 1. You do not have to make it perfect. He is erroneous to think that you must sentirte 100% preparation to speak in public and who if it beams perfectly then you cannot be successful. It enters more perfect you want to be when speaking in public, will increase your fear more. The public is not waiting for perfection, rather want to listen to something that contributes value to him.

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