Protecting Intellectual Property

September 22, 2019 in News Tags:

Protecting intellectual property in Russia. It just so happened that legal protection for intellectual property protection in Russia has few words limp. Recent precedent for the teacher of one of Russian schools, counterfeit vindovz put students and had to pay. And the fact that our law enforcement agencies, for our taxpayers' money defending the rights of Bill Gates, it is quite normal. You can count on vskidku – Installation vindovz, setting the office, installing anti-virus – already in rubles gold piece fits, plus the computer, too, need to buy, and the salary of 8000 is quite normal, and then, with computer literacy fight begin. Well it is still on intellectual property.

Often on the sites, mostly at the bottom is the inscription C or R, and then Vasya or company name, the sign denotes the sign of the copyright, ie, copyright law, through which the web The wizard installs the ownership of the right design and structure of the site. The sign of R, I do not know what it means, at least if you go to court with the sign of R, then good luck in your difficult matter, but a sign of copyright will be understood by the judge, while creating the site and you officiallyregistered assert your copyright. Why sign a copyright? Yes, all because the software program, design websites, etc. not included in the list objects, which means – to obtain a patent on software or website design is almost impossible, and hence in such cases has to do under copyright law, I will not quote from the law, but the point about the fact that Copyright extends to the author's work published in the media, and since the publication in the media for the product or the product starts to spread the copyright, which legitimacy protects the rights of its owner.

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