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February 11, 2017 in News Tags:

Wednesday, 15 of June of 2011 the importance of the Bilingue professional in the market of work Throughout the years the technology this changing the way of performance them small, average and great companies, taking them it to thus reflect on possible changes and allowing one better contact with ooutros countries. The companies of countries as Brazil estao of eye in used technologies for the competition and with the easiness of credits and investment fund, nothing more hinders that these companies obtain to reach its objectives, not to be for a reason! The lack of Professionals who make the bridge between parents and another one. This exactly we are saying of the professional bilingue that it makes the link of liga enters the company of a country and another one, we have today a small amount of professionals who if incase in this profile, Are they them great executives whom they act directly in the positions of manages and direction of nacinais companies and multinationals. The professional bilingue in these cases passes to have an enormous one influences, therefore, the success and the defeat of the company this on directly its professional quality..

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