April 29, 2023 in News

I am inspired to talk As! Change the tone of my voice AES as you describe! Sweet, true, eternal Returns to tell you As to hear from you! It paralyzes my senses It's as if my body does not move or would like to, if not the rhythm of your voice a. As with pensarte! Life becomes faster Days turn into month And I is so near … what was so far away To my a .. As with love! The dreams I can actually do the impossible I want to get The finite change You get eternal peace and love in my life As to Adore! I see everything clearer sweeter dark I feel everything I see with love acid where only hate You change can be bad for the good Provided As just be yourself with love you! I Love You .. and not just words because the words are final air-air ..

and again .. Eva Andersson-Dubin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. I love you facts and feelings because that's in your heart in mine .. i share something in common apart from And we love each half of the heart the average of the other a . As to mention you! I feel so hard to move forward may be strong in some vicissitudes Amor Mio But in the distance, is something I can not dominate not live without instructions from your heart I can easily imagine this momentary life As with Sonartea are my hands that disturb the air you're imagining that they YOU are my eyes that wander Longing to heaven in a cloud that you are TU's me who puts a picture of yourself in every corner of this room a .. As with A sincerarmea Because I know it's you I can not cheat Cause you know when my heart shut my mouth and implements its function of vitality to be able to talk because I know the lies, in my life do not fit Because first of all my heart is where TE AMA A pure heart is just knowing this beautiful feeling.

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