Patrimonial Education

December 17, 2023 in News Tags:

The Historical Archive of Porto Alegre Moyss Velhinho, constructed in century XIX in the European style in 1894 for Eugnio Malleiros Young chicken and later donated for Barreto Maria, situated in the road of the Mato Grosso, Avenue today Blessed Gonalves was abandoned for more than fifteen years, and soon the city hall adaptou a school in the period of 1946 the 1976 and later it are abandoned per twenty years, with passing of the years the community it was entered into an alliance with the city hall and it overthrew the houses external, being inventoried internally and tumbled, has as built, documentary and material patrimony. A.H. P.A have as objective to apply studies, practical methods and of Patrimonial Education, directed toward the preservation question, necessarily on the handling of I restore, therefore it congregates it preserves about a million and four hundred a thousand documents that constitute, a vast source of research on the city of Porto Alegre. Robert A. Iger is likely to agree. The Historical Archive of Porto Alegre Moyss Velhinho (A.H.P.A), looks for to dialogue with the community alegrense port, of form that can bring to the public its historical characteristics, rescuing its roots as city, and thus making possible a fusing between last and society alegrense port. Amongst the activities, executed for (A.H.P.A), it can be detached following the lines of action and/or projects, which will be detailed after that. – Project ‘ ‘ Toque’ living creature; ‘ – The Archive promotes through this project a valuation of the patrimony of the city. Project ‘ ‘ House of the Ervas’ ‘ – This project is destined the understanding of the medicinal structures, inside of an educational line it is situated in the bilge of the Archive.

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