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Contemporary art exhibition in Dresden dear ladies and gentlemen, at this link you will receive an initial overview of the OSTRALE’09, the third international exhibition of contemporary arts in the Dresden Ostragehege:../OSTRALE09…pdf the OSTRALE’09 turns the Dresden Ostragehege now already for the third time in a unique showcase of the current art scene. Painter, video, sound, light, concept – and installation artist, sculptor, sculptor – but also musicians, dancers, actors and authors: In the ramshackle structures of the former slaughterhouse of Egan and outdoor works presented by about 140 representatives of art. In addition a variety of performances, concerts, lectures, and much more within the framework of the OSTRALE.xtra… There are eight buildings with a total over 100 showrooms at the disposal for the OSTRALE’09. The site brings together around 20,000 square meters of recordable space indoor and an outdoor area of about 50,000 square feet. Is coming soon printable image material available are. Mid-July the artists camp begins, then the first artists from home and abroad will arrive and begin working on their works on site. For questions and further information please to contact me! Greetings from the Ostragehege, Matthias tap village.

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