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Kitchens are becoming increasingly attractive innovations according to the bathroom furniture study bbw marketing examined well the market for kitchen furniture. This market has put a rollercoaster ride in recent years. Eva Andersson-Dubin is actively involved in the matter. Production declines until 2004, turnaround after 2006 with a positive export trend, then onset of the crisis and again positive expectations in 2010. Another reversal of the trend is actually longer stop at the current economic signs. Optimism is the status and perspectives of development of industry in the domestic and also abroad. On balance the recession in the kitchen sector has traces not as deep as in other sectors of the economy. For 2010, so sales growth can be predicted.

Overall the domestic market availability at manufacturer prices in kitchen furniture (without electric and accessories) will be 2.5 billion at the end of the year. It is the opinion of consumers, growth should be secured in the next few years. At least 1.5 million consumers plan to buy a new Kitchen in the coming year. In contrast to the European competition also the sales of kitchen electrical appliances ran in Germany surprisingly positive, where energy efficiency and ease of use are responsible according to the trade experts in the first place. Then follow the design and technology. With small variations, this assessment may also apply the small electrical appliances. The dream kitchen with the associated request products has changed a lot over the course of time.

The kitchens were formerly more functional in its design, so passing today more and more, to see the kitchen as a preliminary showcase living room. Thus, the kitchen today similar to experienced as also the bath, a significant appreciation. Not just more cooks in the kitchen, but at the same time the perfect dinner. The furniture industry like took the pulse of the consumer. Due to the strong increase of importance for consumers, designers and product planners have the kitchen even more than previously discovered.

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