Northwest Federal District

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Middle segment (casual dining) decreased according to various estimates by 15-30%. Probably not affected base food service – fast food. Eating low-price segment of Street Food and Fast Food confident feel on the catering market, their share in the range: 39% and 30% respectively. Perhaps check out Tim Raines for more information. 2.All large proportion of casual restaurants have come to occupy unusual before our country cafes, pizzerias, sushi bars and other establishments. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City contributes greatly to this topic. Success in competition depends largely on location, pricing policies, concepts and skills of the restaurant. The most striking example this trend: the franchisor "Tea Spoon", which just a few years and has overtaken the number of establishments and sales turnover in the Northwest Federal District, a network of McDonald's. The experts of the company "Business Market" confirm the fact that the demand from potential franchisees in the metropolitan region and in the regions schools in middle and low-price segment is much greater than the supply of such franchises.

3.Bolshinstvo players on the domestic market catering continue to evolve, but were reviewing their development strategies. Basic ways to adapt to the impacts of the crisis: the reduction of the cost of dishes, lower margins, the revision personnel policy, the introduction of "anti-crisis menu", the loyalty program. The most unusual example: a network of "Niyama" tied its anti-crisis proposal to the Russian stock exchange: the price for a business lunch = 25% of the rts at the moment opening of tenders. say. Thus, a business lunch cost from 138 to 270 rubles. – On different days of such action.

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