North Korea

December 2, 2014 in News

This behavior is characteristic of the extreme left. For more than half a century they have acted similarly. Concentrate on increasing its military might secretly and speak of preserving peace publicly. At the same time, democracies are white of the critical media by its military might, the disposal of its armed forces, and the practice of military games, which the Communists cannot be too often because it does not give them your budget.

If the Western democracies do the same type of accusations, leftists refuse them and insist that you not put in their affairs. Absurd that sounds this behavior, it is what has been happening for decades. It is the same conduct that Arabs employed with Israel, with no doubt success, thanks to the collaborationism of the progressive press. Beijing recently ordered its State fishing boats, that they get into international waters where warships are Japanese and North American close to China. The message sent was: what is mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable. North Korea attacking South Korea, said to him: give us more food and fuel or target them alleging self-defense.

Of Japan, and South Korea are weary of being blackmailed by the North Korean Government, and are not willing to continue providing free food, unless Pyongyang ceases the construction of its new uranium enriching plant and stop its nuclear arms escalation. The same calls for United States. North Korea refuses to accept those conditions and undertook a new tactic, fatal shots on Korea of the South, which have led to the current crisis.

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