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(totally ignored) 30 No. fishing in the nearby pond of 31 don’t run in the classrooms 32. no facial hair 33. guys are not allowed to wear earrings 34. No.

INFLATABLE CANDY CANES of 35. No. sleeves shorter than 4 inches long of 36. No. plain white t-shirts because it’s “gang-related”. Come on. This is North Carolina. Tell me where the damn gangs are.

Please. 37. No. wearing all red or all blue (or any gear color) 38 No. hats, unless it is a school is one (actually, nothing can be worn on the head) 39th No. one can leave campus for lunch 40 students who can drive have to park in a certain area 41. No. one can be in the stairways during lunch (people have been caught making out and… doing it) 42. No. wearing pants with creases or something (somehow gang related) 43. No. male hair longer than the collar 44. no skirts a credit-card length above the knee 45 No. 46 No. khakis cargos 47. uniform must be worn correctly at all times. No. disassembled uniforms 48. The only retarded rule is… no hugging. I mean, what the heck? Hand-holding is allowed. But not hugging. I mean… sheesh. 49. No. going on gaming sites 50 no. ability to stay inside on Wednesdays, no matter how cold it is 51st No. spiked jewelry 52nd No. clothing resorting to violence (funny, my friend got in trouble for wearing a Zelda shirt that had a PIXEL sword on it, yet I manage to get away with wearing a sweatshirt with a pic of a guy’s face blowing up) 53rd No. MySpace accounts (seriously. If the school finds out you have a MySpace, they sometimes fricken call your parents, even though that’s illegal) 54. OMG. They make US take the school ID’s and wear them around our necks 55. I can top you all with two words: school uniform.

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