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Because we must assume harmful the sluggish act as something, it will be for taking care of to a desire of the super-production of a demand of this ' ' society capitalista' '? After all of accounts, we live in function of what we produce, with intention to take care of interests that many times are contrary to the social benefit, vide the example of the manufacture of armaments, as as much others that they pululam, or will be that it is part of the necessity, in view of making use in them and subjecting to such practical, sending the certain consensus? In relation to aspect of laziness, being attributed something degenerative, for to be exerted in surplus, diverse other examples if would fit, not having to create perspective ominous on sluggish, with parameters so fragile, nor to appeal directions that falls in esparrela of something Metaphysical, as some say that until the Christian god it rested in the seventh day of its creation, therefore would be one to rest for consequncia of the fatigue. It is understood laziness as one to rest, for a desire of prostar itself ahead of the activities, for exhaustion, but for desire in cio, not exerting the right not to make, without the rigorismo of the drudgery impositions, only for the desire in relation itself, as a time Nietzsche displayed, the dedicated time itself, comprometimento obtains. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Time Warner. Of this form, volume laziness as it benesse of the individual freedom exerted, or another name that wants to use to assign such act, where the cio becomes execution of the will in getting loose of this called pack ' ' tripalium' '.. .

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