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New release: Feeding of deer and deer Graz, September 2009 – the hunt nonfiction book newly published in the Leopold Stocker Verlag “Feeding of deer and deer” continues with the optimal and correct feeding of wild apart, true to the motto of Hofmann: “The feeding of wild game animals is always a more or less good compromise – often unfortunately in good faith a bad”. Again, it comes to discussions about sense and nonsense of feeding roe deer and Red Deer, which probably irritated every Heger. But the fact is that roe deer feeding is not needed for the conservation. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for the feeding of deer as: to reduce browsing damage as well as to avoid feeding error and feeding-related diseases. As is but to bear in mind that to feed to impose more means, if not estimable wild populations to increase, nor increase the browsing always wild. For proper winter feeding leads to fewer casualities and increased growth. Prerequisite is however to avoid feeding bugs, which unfortunately all too often occur in practice. So, it is prescribed that the origin of the feed is properly detected and at least 70% must come from domestic production after agricultural production conditions of Agrarmarkt Austria.

As well, the feeding of feedingstuffs of animal origin or of food waste is prohibited. In practice Advisor to a CD “Feeding of deer and deer” are not only the essentials of a successful feeding carefully put under the magnifying glass, but also provides insights into the underlying biological conditions. While questions relating to proper feed, time, and location of “welfare” feeding addressed as well as the basics of the digestion of various wild ruminants. The authors of Deutz, Bad Gastein and BAP highlight the pros and cons to the wild feeding from different angles and give as everything worth knowing about this topic in her book–all readers and readers experts so that learn proper feeding not only know, but also understand.

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