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June 12, 2021 in News Tags:

It is already known that it is difficult rent a good enough one-room apartment in Moscow for not more than 25000 rubles. The average wage in the capital – 24000. Typically, one-bedroom apartment is removed no more than two people. So, 48000 total revenue. It turns out that one does not less than 40% will be spent on rent? Not too much right? For tenants – of course, a lot, but the main problem agencies and banks – 'strangle' the rental market, thereby resurrecting the expense of other market – the 'mortgage'. It is clear that the cost of rental housing will be more.

What is the nature of growth of prices in the rental market for housing? 1. Special conditions of Realtors. 'Commission', which remains the mediator at the time of settlement is taken as a percentage of the price of monthly rent, it usually ranges from 50% to 100%. And as a result we find that the agent is very disadvantageous to take very cheap living space. Old Navy spoke with conviction. Most likely, he will agree to appoint an apartment owned by a big price than stated in the beginning, and nobody ever will protect the interests of tenants. 2.

Method of agent with cheap facilities. When the mediator is calling you, he is in most cases not even even have no idea what kind of living space it offers, for example, kvartploschad not know virtually none. In the morning he, the agent typically will go with you to inspect the rented apartment, but not only with you alone. In addition you will be there even ten people, which will in turn led to the apartment. Who first gave its consent and say, 'I want' – and he 'won'. Ok? Not bad also that until after the inspection did not offer an auction. However, in any case, you really are deprived of choice. 3. The behavior of the tenant. Unfortunately, as for real estate agents to the delight of our people are very lazy. He does not want to make a detailed announcement, he did not consider it necessary to negotiate, he just wants the apartment. Over 15 000. Oh well, at 16. Not bad, not bad for 18. 'What I do not find an apartment is cheaper 20?'. Well, horosho_61, 20. Taken What causes this situation? 1. Injected very unhealthy excitement. This is when the tenant agrees to rent a flat, which did not even see the agent and for this reason that he does not have full information about housing. When six to ten clients go look at the apartment along with the agent 2. Price increases. Agents, of course, it is advantageous to take expensive apartments, but bankers beneficial when disadvantageous to rent an apartment, and much more profitable to take a mortgage. All satisfied. 3. And what is not obvious, and therefore unpleasant: you in a few months or have to re-enter into an agreement on less favorable terms, or else to seek other 'cheap' : prices will rise so that the landlord wants you to pay all costs and then re-rent an apartment.

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