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May 2, 2023 in News Tags:, a portal of classified ads exclusively devoted to the buying and selling of second-hand latest technologies. Account with an extensive catalogue that every day is go adding new products of all those seeking to sell their gadgets to get a money extra. A web that has adapted to the 2.0 world, publishing the news arriving directly in social networks. The immediate publication of ads in three of the most used social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Flickr), and the ability to subscribe via RSS implies reaching a greater number of users accessing the portal every day. It has a simple design and an interface whose usability is based on the simplicity of publishing an advertisement with only 4 fields. By first selecting a category and then the province, because with this more specific location reduces the target audience, so that it is easier for both the seller and buyer. In addition, belongs to a group of pages of ads for second hand, among which are,, and, all of them are grouped under the name of Grupomercas, and an identical philosophy of buying used items for sale.

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