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Morals obtain notoriety due to the support that receives from the leftist mediatic machinery, exposes that it like a worthy specimen of observation. Its aspect turns vernacular it into reason for interest for progresa world-wide, that pays attention to the characteristics superficial of the people more than in its intellectual content, and it considers that any native in the power is a symbol of sociopolitical advance. It breaks with Israel is important to him to strengthen its alliance with the Islamic world, mainly with Tehran. He is not accidental that the announcement was done when in La Paz was Mujamad Abbasi, Minister of Cooperation of Iran, that comes promising for short while the investment from many million in Bolivia, of that not yet a single cent was seen. What yes it is very probable, he is that in exchange for the breaking, the natives begin to receive modern arms, equals to which Iran gives to the Hamas and Hezbolah. The Muslims want to settle down themselves in South America, and there is no better place to initiate the colonization and the indoctrination islamist that Bolivia, where they enjoy numerous and ingenuous indigenous population, without religious conviction. The new political constitution that will be put under referendo next the 25 of January, excludes for the first time in history of the country, the catholic religion like part of the state.

In some time not very distant, Muslim clergymen with copies of the Corn under the arm will begin to circulate around the plateau and the minarets of the mosques will stand out from the distance. . to josebrechner. com Short biography Analyst the International Biography Jose Brechner was born in Bolivia. He was delegated -1985-1989- ambassador, and charter member of Nationalistic Democratic Action, political party of center-right. He presided over the commission of Foreign policy of the National Congress of Bolivia and acted like official representative of the country before different forums and international organisms, among them, the OAS. During his activity congressman he was catalogued by all the organs of press of Bolivia, like the best parliamentarian of the country. Columnista of opinion and political analyst with newspaper regular presence prestigious of Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East, is the Bolivian journalist more read in the world. It participated in important televising programs of the caliber of " 60 Minutes" and " The MacNeil/Lehrer Report". Brechner is active defender of the deprived property, of the market economy and liberties and right of the individual.

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