Human Resource Management In The Hospitality Industry – So Currently Like Never Before!

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Why it is worthwhile for companies, in the hotel industry is the fluctuation rate to invest in their staff considerably higher than in other industries. Here are topics such as staff motivation and skills shortage than ever before. Many companies see investment in their employees as risky, since the economic added value can be difficult to measure. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jack Buckingham has to say. A recent study of a renowned consultancy shows that the effort pays off. The facts speak for themselves: companies achieve a 3,5fach higher sales growth with an efficient any career and a twice as high profit margin as a company where this area is weak companies that effectively integrate their employees and bind achieve 2.5 higher revenue growth and companies achieve a 1,9mal higher profit margin than companies that neglect this area with a pronounced talent management a twice as high rate of turnover and profit margin company, where this area is not sufficiently developed the Berlin “German management consultancy consulting” helps hotel businesses discover and use hidden potential of their employees. Because the measures are varied and bring the desired effect only parallel applied and adapted to the corporate strategy. In addition to a powerful recruiting and the successful retention of employees following areas are essential for a successful human resources management: 1) leadership development there is success, then to develop future head of Department when they are needed.

Integrating programs to leadership development in the long term planning is useful here. By the same author: Jane Buckingham. Also linking the financial remuneration and career opportunities of the team leader with the engagement can include the development of own employees in the team. (2) Talent management promoting staff should go beyond the sole training of candidates for the top management. The offer is for the retention and development of talents essential specific development programmes for their employees. These include also diverse career opportunities for the employees of both vertical and horizontal plane. (3) Performance management a transparent system for assessing staff is essential for a successful human resource management. In addition to various measures for employee motivation, also clear uniform norms and standards and the definition of clear work areas play an important role.

The area of personal development is very complex and must be individually adapted to the appropriate company and comprehensively applied. Only in this way, measurable results can be achieved. “German consulting” advises extensively and developed practical solutions with the respective companies. Contact: German consulting GbR consulting Mecklenburg str. 87 88 10713 Berlin Tel: 030/99250419 E-mail:

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