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With the pre-elaborated food you are paying the price of which another person does all the work dirty and at the end of accounts your body is the one that is not seen how you want that it is seen. fresh ingredients allow to determine how many things you harmful your plate and your body enter. IT SAVES GREEN VOLVINDOTE MONEY! Now he is fashionable, you are a star of Hollywood or Ex–Vice-president, to announce the advantages of being " verde". Nevertheless, to find ideas cheap to have dinner is much more easy when you are green. Green Vulvete adding a little green one to your meals.

A salad is healthy, flavorful, and in case you have not passed through the section of fresh foods incredibly cheap! A good green salad (it considers the spinach or argula, NOT it Roman lettuce) is a way huge to begin any meeting. Educate yourself with thoughts from Coen brothers. She is light and flavorful, in addition it fills a little to you, avoiding so you exceed and so it follows. Another cheap and healthful option that is fantastically green? The fish is full of the correct protein classes, in addition the viable fish also is cheap. Briefly, the viable fish allows us to be used to us eating it without worrying to us that someday it stops existing. It decides on fish (or seafood) like: anchovies, tilapia, catfish of farm, codfish of the Pacific, salmon, tuna and calamary. IT HAS DINNER CHEAP FOR 6 Salsa and Tacos SAUCE 450 grams of tomatos 1 handful of cambric onions, itched 1 lemon, ralladura of the rind and the juice 1 Chile jalapeo, finely itched (so that picoso is less qutale the seeds) 2 teeth of garlic, minced to entertain to your friendly he is much more simple than you would have imagined! It mixes all the ingredients in a processor for foods.

Goad until the sauce acquires the wished consistency. Srvela with papitas or vegetable Chips. 1/2 onion, minced 950 grams of tilapia, salmon or another viable fish 1 spoon of dust Chile 1 spoon of perforated garlic Juice of 2 lemons 1,5 cups of integral rice 1 cup of black kidney beans 1 Roman lettuce It adds dust Chile, garlic and the lemon juice to tilapia. Hornea or roasts during 6 minutes. It cooks the rice in agreement with the instructions. Dora the onions until almost they are caramelizadas and soon adds the kidney beans. She mixes the kidney beans, onions and the rice. She serves the fish in leaves as lettuce instead of tortillas, along with the dressings of your election, uses the kidney beans and the rice like trimming. The USA sauce or guacamole to complete the subject of gossip.

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