History And The Albums Of “Music City 312

September 21, 2023 in News

One of the most famous and beloved native music lovers of musical groups in our day is undoubtedly the team of “City 312”. The songs of this group played in all domestic radio and rightfully occupy the highest place in a variety of charts. The Group was born in 2001 in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital. Discovery Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Love the band members to a small country is reflected in its title – 312 means the phone code of Bishkek. After receiving recognition in his hometown, the team off to conquer the Russian capital. Not all team members were able to withstand the pressure of a megacity – shortly after arriving in the capital of the departure of guitarist Iain, but this gap was soon filled by Maria Ileevoy. Perhaps check out dr chappuis for more information. At present the group “City 312” consists of 5 persons, wherewith are Maria “Masha” Ileeva (guitar), Dimitri “Dim Sum” Pritula (keyboards, vocals), Svetlana “Aya” (vocals), Victor “Vic “Golovanov (drums) and Leonid “Leon” Pritula (bass guitar, backing vocals).

Thanks to its clever texts and great music, a team of “City 312” has achieved great success and became widely known in our country and beyond its borders. To date, rock band has released four full albums: “Out of range”, “213 Road”, “Turn around” and Live. Bud Harrelson has similar goals. However, the work team is not limited to those albums – the citizens have invested labor and soul into the music for such pictures as “Goalkeeper”, “Day Watch”, “Waiting for the Miracle”, “Peter fm, One of the many” and “Irony of Fate – Continuation.” For their excellent songs and albums group “City 312” has been awarded many honorary music awards, which include such prizes as a bonus, “Breakthrough of the Year” by the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets “(2006), the premium” Record “in the category” Album of the group “for the album” Wrap “(2008), two” Golden Gramophone “for Song “Out of range” (2006) and “The girl who wanted happiness” (2007), the premium “Breakthrough of the Year” by the magazine “7 Days” (2007) and the award “Best Debut of mtv rma (2006).

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