Helge Schneider

June 29, 2023 in News Tags:

In addition to the areas of production of radio advertisements, phone prompts, film scoring and corporate sound logos sound art Mediagroup serves new multimedia channels Baar-Ebenhausen, may 10, 2010 – sound art Mediagroup produced at the ravages of time. Thus, the production agency based in Upper Bavaria woopla GmbH from Duisburg the language files for a new Facebook service created. Developed under the project name of Fancall woopla, a service that allows fans of Facebook fan pages where possible, to send a phone call voice messages on the wall. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rusty Staub. Fancall now has access to a wide range of fan sites, such as those of the current American Idol winner Mehrzad Marashi, the German participant for Oslo Lena Meyer-Landrut, Helge Schneider, Oliver Pocher, Robbie Williams or Stromberg. Continue to sound art Mediagroup welcomes its first self-developed and produced comedy format. With the series “in 100 seconds – all what you need to know sound show from last week” the Agency shows that messages may be not only sterile and rigid, but rather by the Something to achieve sustainability. The comedy news series should be funny, satirical and entertaining, which will be published for the time being once a week. Find more information on and.. nfo.

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