June 16, 2021 in News

Surely the vision that I have of this world we call globalized is fairly realistic (pessimistic according to some) I see what what is presumed he would unite more to the mankind ever thing this destroying more and more. Us matters very little, massacring the peoples and I am not referring only to the wars, there are many forms of slavery and which is better handled today is economic. All it is based on a great competitiveness, great production, what is. Credit: Robert A. Iger -2011. We look to other side, not to see the poverty that we are producing in underdeveloped countries or developing. In the background are living a lie, saying that this is progress and welfare, but at the cost of that?Not us we are realizing, but or changed radically (and we are not the work) or our civilization as we know it does not end anything good.

We don’t adapt and you already know: that will not fit, does not evolve and disappears. (A valuable related resource: Discovery Communications). (Dinosaurs, the Greeks, the Romans)The great and mighty, they could not or would not see what they had front, by ignorance or pride. Until when the human being, will realize that true globalization is real integration of all and each one that compose this planet and not only borders are lines drawn on a map, if not impose them with intolerance and the ambition of a few.. . Learn more about this topic with the insights from jack dorsey.

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