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What should I do in a traffic accident? What should I do this and what I have to do. In your own interest, you should note the following tips in a traffic accident, no fault of you. Traffic accident – is what to keep in mind? In your own interest, you should note the following tips in a traffic accident, no fault of you. Basically, the injured party is entitled to ask to determine the evidence and determination of the scope of the damage and the extent of the damage, an expert at its discretion if already without the consent of the injured party already by the insurance company an expert was sent or ordered. For more information see this site: Coen Brothers. With the exception of minor damage (less than 750) the costs for the opinion of the experts from the insurance company to wear according to the BGH. The opinion of an expert secures the claimant reimbursement of all rightful claims, since it the full backup of the evidence to the detriment (size and) Shows height). The experts determined and proves the exact amount of damage in its opinion, so that an accurate knowledge of the accident damage exists and this can be removed if necessary.

Can only be occupied by the opinion of an expert, whether and how much to take into account a possible impairment / is to reimburse. Often is an evidence of damage type and scope required in disputes about the claims process. On the basis of a submitted damage opinion the claimant can will refund the cost of the repairs of the pedestrians (fictitious billing). The victim can be run the repair in a workshop, he is not obliged to submit the repair cost accounting for the settlement of accident damage (judgment of the 06.04.1993 BGH, AZ: VI ZR 181/92). Accidental downtime of the damaged vehicle can be determined by the experts, so that claims for compensation for the cost of car rental or compensation of use of are documented can.

“All objections of third party, E.g. limited damage” or old damage “are refuted by the opinion of an expert. At a later sale of the now repaired accident car the exact extent of the damage can be documented a prospective customers on the basis of the damage report with the corresponding photographs. It is the duty of the seller to indicate the accident to any buyer. In the interest of a full and rapid claims turn always an expert and a lawyer in a blameless accident.

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