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Check out the other parent deprived, especially when at a time war between the two. As a result, they fall into a profound conflict of loyalty, since after all they love both, father and mother. “This is exacerbated, if mothers on their once better half” no good hair more leave. Why is Papa going at once evil? Why can he not come? These are the questions that then there are children on the soul, that they can not answer for themselves. Moreover”the subliminal fear losing now even the MOM after dad already is no longer there. This brings many children in an emotional conflict.

And to make not only wrong, they take over the mind of the mother, or at least pretending. Decisions by courts are therefore well and good, but it is only a theoretical approach. But all theory is grey and paper is famously patient. What to do if the mother of the child deals with a damp waste matter, what did Papa for rights or not? 19% of all children in Germany are children of separation. (Source: my family) There is a separation, the children are involved in the emotional load for all is difficult.

Most however suffer the smallest. Especially It is unnerving the ex for them, if the wars of the Roses between the parents held at their backs, they are exploited in the campaign of vengeance against. To show again so right it their EXEs, is particularly women are often very resourceful. You disregard court decisions, unilaterally cut visiting hours or let ill write the children so that they can refer Papa with the yellow slip the door. It does not matter whether or not the father has custody of his offspring. A separation without a loud word there will be probably in the rarest cases, since emotions play a large role. Nevertheless, it may be so difficult to leave personal injuries, before the door the welfare of children should always top priority at such deep cuts in life. Also Freiherr von Sass looks like this: this is not about me but about me. The happiness of my daughter is to the heart. That it’s all right is crucial, otherwise nothing. “

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