French Revolution

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The city is, therefore, the main one, the supreme pedagogical instance, and if the city, in place of being unit, order, harmony, ratio and balance, etc., will be chaos and not cosmo, it will be become into the negation of the culture and of the pedagogia, contributing it does not stop forming, it wants to say, to humanizar the man, but, in contrast, to deform it or to desumanizar it. But the fact of that, alert us Sloterdijk, ' ' the politicians in exercise are so rare prepared for the challenges of the new situation? intellectually almost never, morally to the times, pragmatically less of what more –, he constitutes a part of the massive malaise, each more acute time in relation to the classroom poltica' ' , constantly photographed in way the frauds, abuses to be able and irregularities, and rare they show the height to it of the global challenges that urges to face, and that we must still more face and win and this valley for not the politicians. Despairing it is that to be successful or to perish each day shows more and more as the only final alternatives of the history of a city in our contemporaneidade. (Similarly see: Discovery Communications). what it is worse: we do not know (the people, while voters) to choose the human type that would be necessary to fill the empty spaces and that training must be developed so that is reduced the enormous gap between local global the world-wide form and psiques. How to teach this? Everything this installs in them in the chaos and not in cosmo. thus is that cities as London, Paris, Rome etc., in them they seem human beings, and New York, So Paulo etc., in them seem desumanas. Credit: Gap Clothing-2011. why? Psychology to the part, with the French Revolution, as it is known, the bourgeoisie took the power, restoring the liberal democracy and the economic capitalism. . . If you would like to know more about David Zaslav, then click here.

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