Forest Stewardship Council

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“100% of our lifts disregard of toxic elements or chemical compounds such as isocyanates or phthalates and finishes come from a production system that meets the environmental quality standards and belong to environmental protection programs,” Guillen emphasized. Other qualities are respectful of the range “Inspiration Eco natural “or” KONE Nature Design “are: u Lighting: All of it has LED bulbs or fluorescent tubes with diffusers. This will significantly reduce power consumption. u Laminate wood certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council): This KONE complies with the provisions of this international organization that oversees the responsible use of forests in the world. “We work with the precepts that this partnership whereby brand and manufacturing processes can not contain toxic dyes and wastewater undergo a special purification process,” says Guillen. u Soils contain 80% natural minerals. That is, no toxic components such as chlorine, stabilizers or plasticizers.

“Several studies show that the production of organic soil KONE reduces CO2 emissions compared to the production of a non-renewable.” Eco inside and outside Because the aesthetic is a reflection of the interior, KONE is committed to options advocate ecological environment and also save costs to residents, builders and architects. “With the KONE solutions can save Hadel total electricity consumption of its lift. Among many other savings opportunities are for example: saving mode light and airy cabin or engine EcoDisc that can reduce up to 70% the power consumption of the elevator without having to pour oil and harmful agents, “Guillen ended. KONE KONE Who offers the best travel experience through its “People Flow Experience” a series of solutions that allow people to move easily, safely and gently, without waiting in buildings large and responding to demand for an increasingly urbanized society. KONE provides its customers the most innovative solutions from a world leader in the industry for lifts, escalators and automatic doors.

He is an expert in fabrication, installation maintenance and modernization. It is an established company in 2007 had net sales of 4100 million and has about 32,500 employees worldwide. KONE is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd in Finland. Note to journalists: For any questions or need extra material not hesitate to contact us.

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