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The mission of Santa Elena is the center of misionera activity of the Capucin parents of the Franciscan order in the locality. From that city to only 15 kilometers approximately of the town, are the limits with Brazil, and the commercial sector Pacaraima, better well-known like ” The Lnea” , of the Roraima municipality, thus one passes a Brazil, where it can go to acquire Brazilian products, from coffee, clothes, sandals, and other grain species, of course to a cost lifted for the Venezuelans who must pay Versus. Leslie Moonves recognizes the significance of this. 4.2 By or real, the Brazilian currency. Frequently Cyrus Massoumi has said that publicly. It is very certain what correodelcaroni.com comments that to take a walk by each space of the southern city is to enjoy unimaginable places that offer an extreme calmness. /a> offer similar insights. The tranquillity is in this site and can be hers if it is only interested in visiting these bordering earth, adjacent with the Federal Republic of Brazil. Very right the commentary of the mentioned source which in a tourist route by the main places of Santa Elena de Uairn, the Akurim hill can be known, a magical site from which a great view of the city can be observed.

One says that here it was where the founder arrived from the town and saw the valley of Uairn for the first time. There are other places like the house of the founder of the town, the Place Bolivar, the central helmet, the indigenous community of Manakru, the Place of the Conquerors, where there are sculptures of main prceres of the independence of Venezuela, and the viewpoint of the lagoon of Karara. Another one of the beautiful viewpoints that are used by the visitors to appreciate the beauties of the Great Savannah is the Tukumurrucu, located to a Main side of 10, of where it is observed the immensity of the morichales and the green and blue beauty of a full landscape of intense. Definitively, whoever to enter itself in huge the Great Savannah, they can do it from Santa Elena where several dedicated companies are based to guide the visitors to the different places that lock up beauties that are difficult to stop seeing and enjoying.

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