Exclusive Grills And Fire Pits

December 21, 2023 in News Tags: ,

Hot daylight savings time artepuro from the House of spring, summer, barbecue and garden time = Artepuro time. It’s finally back and spring invites us to enjoy our lives out there. With the products from the collection artepuro we want to make the celebrations with friends even more enjoyable and also inspire you. The exclusive residential and garden accessories include fire pits, grills and accessories, fireplace utensils, wood recliner and of course our Designkaminobjekte that are fuelled with bio-ethanol. Be fire and flame\”and enjoy the life with the summer collection artepuro. Experience quality in materials and workmanship that are unparalleled in the market.

\”I’m going to go Grill\” you and your loved ones with security in the future, then will hear more often. See below for floor-detailed information about the summer collection artepuro and the hot Designfeuern of the takibi, table-and wallfire. The fireplace hotlegs, which is available in two sizes and materials (diameter 48 & 67 cm), provides for pleasant evenings outdoors whether in a small circle on the warming fire or in a large group to a real campfire. The fireplace is stable with her three feet on any surface. Through the removable grate, the fire pit is flexible. The processed material, either steel or stainless steel that can withstand high temperatures and is weather resistant. The steel shell develops a patina-patina outdoor time, whereas the stainless steel fireplace is completely weatherproof.

Also delete or rain water can easily drain through a hole in the shell. In addition, there is the grill rack tipi made of pure stainless steel extended the fire pit to the grill. The support rods also serve as handles and give practical stability the rust after grilling. The grill hottower is available since 2008 in two versions. The renowned and literally finest version of the grill hottower is completely made of stainless steel.

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