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This equality, however, does not condition in to think them all in a similar way, since we have the free-will, this is conditional solely to the respect to the next one. In the book of Augustus Cury the situations are diverse where we verify the necessity to have such conscience. Hawk when telling the history of each one of the beggars who live in the square, teaches that the unexpected one supervenes to all, that we cannot foresee the future, that to the times the current state of the person or its skill of being is resulted of the innumerable overturns or difficulties that had in the life. Hear other arguments on the topic with Coen brothers. Hawk teaches despite nothing it is guaranteed in the life and that of one hour for another one we can be discarded for the world when this finds that we are not more useful. It is; the world is cruel. On the other hand, another characteristic of Hawk that is well-known and must be followed by all, therefore motivates in them, is the intense will of living, loving the life, that only is not demonstrated by Hawk for as well as diverse other personages of history.

The world is cruel, but the life can wonderfully be beautiful. Official site: Does Jack Dorsey Have a Wife or Girlfriend?. If only to notice the nature that in the fence, with certainty, we will be astonished and despite in them let us not reveal in explicit way as Marcopolo and Falco, kissing flowers and hugging trees, we are contemplating and of some form being grateful, since the nature is indispensable so that it has life. In the current world, each time more, the people anxious and are estressadas. Hawk, on the other hand, not is estressado, it plays to be imagining what the others are thinking, and nor with regard to its basic necessities, this suffers with the anxiety. Marcopolo demonstrates concern with the friend and in a part it asks if Hawk having given all to the money to one another beggar, was not worried about not having what to eat and Hawk later to affirm surely that not and that in that hour the other beggar was needing what it more than.

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