EGO Rules

February 26, 2018 in News Tags:

A new state of balance leads to a superior state in relation to the initial. If to leave of the estimated one of that the individual lives in search of the happiness and that the true happiness of the EGO, according to Freud, is printed matter in the primitive desires, then, we can deduce that the limit of the freedom of the primitive instincts of the place to the social freedom, blocking the happiness, where rules delimit spaces prezando for the welfare state, collective or civilized. A new characteristic of happiness appears, namely: the happiness of the harmonic convivncia of the civilization. The harmonic convivncia depends on the internalizao of rules and this in turn depends, of the level and environment where the social aspect of the individual was developed, that is, a conscience regrada for the SUPEREGO with sights to the welfare other people’s. The myth of the described father primevo for Freud (1999), leaves its intention clearly to display a standard clarifying where the recognized figures as authority are responsible for a different distribution of the possibilities of subjective satisfaction. It looks for to understand why the individual behavior is different of the behavior of the individuals in the interior of the masses, appraising the theory of the regression, where this external individual libertarian and regressive attitudes front to the rules of the civilization (FREUD, 1999).

Ahead of the figure of a leader the individuals would internalizariam one same common SUPEREGO to the members of that one mass, that allows it to reach its interests and to satisfy then the desires of the ID, common in that group. They appear, therefore, distinct groups as on gangs and other groups the negative or violent behaviors. The freudiana perspective, in what it says analyzes it to respect of the politician, pontua the rules as supported for the fancies that structuralize the life social.

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