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November 26, 2014 in News Tags: , ,

New standards for a total business IT service management approach EDAG IT services, competent solution provider and IT service provider, introduces its latest jEDWIN version. The solution offers many benefits for an effective IT service management and also integrates with the business perspective. The portfolio of jEDWIN apps supports numerous tasks such as asset management, IT service desk, and user management. New thought through innovations like jEDBRAIN, jEDNAV and jEDINV, help IT working hours in factories to make more efficient. The logical development of jEDWIN EDAG IT services solution provider meets the requirements of the IT service, alignment and business areas. In today’s business world a pure service operation and control no longer suffice IT operations. More transparent costs and cost allocation are important for IT managers.

Raoul wing, head of IT services of EDAG IT services, stressed that: “we put with our user-friendly jEDWIN Solution set new standards in the competition of IT service management. Through the seamless connection to external systems such as SAP, we give our customers cost glasses. In addition to the effective IT process optimization now each performed IT service performance can be fully operationally mapped and compared.” This additional value-added enrich the extensive functionalities of jEDWIN, to manage complex IT infrastructures with optimum efficiency and highest possible degree of automation. The jEDWIN apps supporting ITIL v3 individually or can be used in combination and allow it to use in the ongoing operating cost reduction potential. Resulting synergies several-fold multiply integration interfaces for various configuration and ERP systems. With the release of new jEDWIN version jEDBrain new jEDWIN app also appears that and allows the complex search for information across the entire IT network.

“In the operation of our customers, we noticed additional improvement potential. For this reason We have developed more timesaving solutions together with you and our partners”, explains Holm Luby, partner Executive of EDAG IT services. IT administrators also considerably save time with the apps jEDNav, the visualization solution for localization and monitoring of IT devices and jEDInv, agentless inventory for NET device combined with a dynamic device discovery. Raoul wing commented: “we position ourselves close to our customers and can identify much-needed solutions and implement. Finally, our goal via a central platform is the needs of CEOs, IT managers and IT administrators meet. I’m so sure that the new jEDWIN overall portfolio not only for our internal and external customers over 6,600 will find great appeal but also on the overall market.

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