Diverse Singapore

June 16, 2021 in News Tags: ,

The smallest country in Asia whether shopping, culture, or simply recreation – in Singapore, each at his own expense comes. The flight Portal presents the numerous opportunities that offer tourists in the smallest State of Asia, fluege.de. Who think only of stressful city in Singapore, should visit the green oasis of the magnificent botanical garden. On the 60-acre site attracts the largest orchid collection in the world, which stimulates to dream with their colours and exotic. Even the five-hectare natural rain forest visitors should be not to be missed. The State in the Indian Ocean is one of the greenest cities in the world and boasts of its cleanliness and safety. As one of the richest Crucible, Singapore offers a colourful range of culture and religion.

Little India and Arab Street: the whole world seems to be represented here and brought their landmarks and atmosphere. The unique ensemble of churches, mosques and temples symbolizing the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic and religious groups. A flight to Singapore worth also for families. Especially the ‘Singapore Zoo’ promises lots of fun for all ages. The open system of the Zoo allows you to experience the Habitat of the animals. The night Zoo, which opens only with nightfall and offers visitors the rare chance to get to know the nocturnal inhabitants is an unparalleled experience. More day trips are recommended to round off the visit in Singapore, as for example in the nearby Malaysia or to a bad day on one of the surrounding islands.

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