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The HeloFilm highest quality transferred Cine including Super8, Normal8, and videos such as VHS or Hi8 affordable on DVD… Film transfer to DVD transfer to preserve the memories and always regarded by professional equipment no longer come to blurry images, strips or flicker when recording from the narrow on a video cassette. This is the case when using the transfer level. The sound sampling is also electronically and is immediately placed on the cassette. So, background noises are not transferred. In the area of Super 8 film, there the Elmo TRV S-8 CCD to the transmission, for the N 8 movies the Elmo TRV can be used R-8 CCD or fume 9131 and for the 16 mm film, there is the TRV 16 CCD.

specifically to the copy of films these devices have been developed. Surface sampling is called the procedure. This means that the light-sensitive semiconductor directly scans the film during the recording process. The film can be still upgraded and made more interesting through musical scoring. Filmtranser means simply that Transmission of movies on a video domain. The film goes through a device. Here, each image is digitally photographed. The so-called scanning, so the resolution is up to 8 K, this means 8 million pixels.

Then, a full HD is resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Brian Robert has to say. This is the currently highest available resolution for a Videoapplikation. Due to new storage media such as HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc (BD) and encoding methods such as H. 264 and VC-1 is possible as large volumes of data to obtain. Displays are necessary for a good film quality. This must represent the native 1080 p resolution without losses. We bring your Cine and videos on the DVD and keep so irretrievable. For more information simply call: 08458 / 381475 and let you consult without obligation.

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