Dacia Duster

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The length of the seat is down maybe slightly less than. That be leather steering wheel is adjustable in height, but not in length, making it a bit difficult the perfect adjustment. In terms of space BBs is to criticize anything. This applies for the first series, as well as for the Fund. Everywhere look forward head, knees and elbows on them freedom. On longer trips, the absence of an armrest between driver and passenger seat is striking. The trunk is well designed with 443 litres. 1.570 are when the rear seatback can be folded down.

What’s going in. Agile journeyman quite what goes on with the top engine we tested, the 110 PS strong Commonrail diesel engine. Empty weight of the vehicle the acoustically quite prominent MUrl to deal with the only around 1,300 pounds”lightweight, reflected in Sprint worth (12.5 seconds from 0 to 100) as rather in a proper average fuel consumption of 7.5 litres but less in the city. The short translated 6-speed transmission provides agile handling with enough punch from the bottom out, also when something in the Steering BBs when forscherem took. Overland is the Duster his balanced side. A little crooked, we take the Duster (or those who build it), ESP not standard installed, but is only in the top version Laureate and only in combination with all-wheel drive and leather steering wheel (?). Hard but gently on his Offroadtauglichkeit, the Dacia Duster with extensive hard the suspension draws attention.

The suspension is tuned conciliatory and absorbed faster distance over threshold in a manner that does not equal the spine at the back of the head out looking one. Rather, it is from the ground pronounced with 210 mm (for comparison: the Skoda Yeti here measures 180 mm) and four-wheel drive from the Nissan group partner and area specialists, which enables the Duster for harder use. “” Three modes can be selected via the rotary control: 2WD, auto “for Adaptive and lock” for permanent four-wheel drive. Conclusion and price euros 18.490 of Dacia Duster in the top version Laureate 110 dCi with 4WD, driven by us. Thus, the Franco Romanian of course is a good piece of the populist price of 11,990 euros. However is to the 18 flakes in relation Yeti 4 x 4 is again active TDI nearly 25 thousands of quite comparable Skoda, Dacia Duster say about his: to be an absolute price breaker in the compact SUV segment.

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