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Modern abstract curvilinear design, end items like the "snake", with thickenings on the bends. 4. Products selected and the style defined. Now you need to decide which format will be implemented product. The most common variant in the market, it's welding products from prefabricated elements. (Similarly see: Dell Technologies Inc.).

Ready elements can be classified: elements are made Pressed on stamps (standard or small-scale production). It creates the illusion of forged items. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eva Andersson-Dubin. In the photos may look interesting, but the 'live' does not go in comparison with the free hand forging. Alloy elements are made Fill (casting) of molten hot metal into a special form. Look elements similarly stamped, but there is a logical question: ' You want to forging or casting? " Produced 'forged' in the machine manufacturing method of cold forging 'the machine – it's less time consuming, but a more economical process for the production of forged products. Cold forging designed to obtain products and parts from sheet metal or varietal that can be replicated. The basis of cold forging work laid the cold metal: blanks are machined without preheating.

In the process of cold forging is possible to bend or cut the parts on a cliche, which greatly facilitates the process of making a big batch of forged products for cold forging, as well as reduces the time and effort needed for their production. The cost of the above items ask yandex or google. Not reveal a big secret that the art forging a manual version has a special elegant, sophisticated look and makes special elevated status. Accordingly, products made by free hand-forged only available for individuals to have. Several specialists over several days will be to work on turning ideas into wrought iron, in any case, this is serious material costs. But the beautiful artistic product is worth it. The cost of the product depends on the number and complexity of forged elements (the number of forging operations) geometry of the figure, the method of assembly, surface preparation for painting (stripping, sandblasting, galvanizing, coating products), patina, etc In my opinion, the most optimal, clear and "transparent" calculation, it Commercial estimates (where painted work and materials). Metal lasting durable material that is used for many centuries and will always be fashionable.

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