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Currently cosmetics thrives to develop many of its beauty products marine products such as thermal plankton (rich in lipids, proteins, trace elements and vitamins), seaweed, salts or barros, and the product that we are discussing: caviar. The sturgeon ROE, in addition to constituting an exquisite delicacy, have proved as an essential component, for its excellent properties, for the preparation of beauty treatments and facial or body creams. Since ancient times, Iranians, main world producers of caviar, bathed it, in warm water mixed with aromatic oils and flavored with sturgeon ROE. In Russia, another of the major exporting countries, some decades ago, used, such as aloe vera, in healing the skin after being subjected to an operation. The discovery of caviar for the cosmetics is due above all to its amazing ability to regenerate the skin, the effect is almost immediate, acting as if it were a facelift. ROE sturgeon have a very high content of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins, which makes it an ideal ingredient for the preparation of cosmetics aimed at combating the signs of aging. In its chemical composition, the caviar cells resemble cells of the epidermis young, with high doses of essential fatty acids, amino acids, mineral salts, vitamin B, iron and zinc. Despite its cost, those qualities for skin discovery has secured an introduction of caviar in the cosmetics industry.

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