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A group of youths found the body wrapped in a rug near the pillar of the bridge of the A-3. The woman was of Venezuelan origin and worked in domestic service. The national police has arrested this Thursday to Miguel Angel V.M., of 32 years, a month after having confessed in Madrid that killed her lover and that had been thrown into a swamp, without specifying the exact location of the reservoir. Sources of the Superior Chief of police in Madrid have reported that the past October 9 Miguel angel, of Venezuelan nationality, appeared at the police station in the District of Hortaleza and confessed that he had killed his lover of his country, Yulme Josefina S.D.P., also of 32 years. Anyway, the killer assumption did not specify the place where he had thrown it, he just said that it was a swamp, and did not offer any details of the event. The case went to the Group’s killings of the Police, who found out that the head of the woman, who worked in-house domestic service, reported the same day in the police station of Chamartin missing.

In parallel, a group of young people found the corpse of a South American woman wrapped in a rug, which could take about ten days deceased on the night of October 13, in the conquense town of El Picazo. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert Iger is the place to go. As recounted the Mayor in his day, the body was one of the pillars of the bridge of the motorway, the A-3, and was visible, by what intuited that the person who deposited it had left him there nearly so that it would be, because, otherwise, I would have hid it between the weed or thrown into the River. The Civil Guard took charge of the investigations and consultations to police databases showed that there was a complaint of disappearance of a woman with similar characteristics to the deceased. After several efforts and the matching of the identity of the corpse, the security forces found that It was the Venezuelan woman and on 2 November the police proceeded to the arrest of the alleged lover of the victim. See more: detainee a month after confessing that killed his lover and who threw his corpse to a swamp.

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