Comea Globalization

June 9, 2021 in News Tags:

Already Carlos Walter brings a definition more branda how much the globalization, it says: ' ' the globalization idea as overcoming of the borders and the local barriers and nacionais.' ' (WALTER, 2006, P. 14). When analyzing the definitions of globalization sketched by these two theoreticians, we perceive I begin it some truths that we cannot forget on globalization, first he is that we cannot visualize the effect of the globalization in a only economic optics, and as it is the fact of the importance always to tie to the effect globalization the factors politicians, social, economic and cultural. To describe exactly that in a capitalist optics of globalization (because we understand as being this way of production its promoter), does not veto in them to look at its definitions, reasons and effect in the cultural scope; if of this form to seem incoherent answers me: we can disentail facts of economic changes behavior change? such behaviors are not on the cultural questions? 4.Onde Comea the Globalization? We cannot we can affirm with exactness on when the globalization process starts, if not understand what the globalization encloses, already we perceive I capitulate in it previous that when trying to define the term globalization we must think about changes in the structure politics, social, economic and cultural, in interaction character. Some theoretician as it is the example of Carlos Walter, understands that the globalization process started with the fact of the great navigations, and after this would go to pass for diverse changes in its structure, change sessas that they had folloied the evolutions of the capitalism. On this fact it affirms: ' ' We could locate in this date the beginning of the globalization process. From there, without a doubt, we start to have a truily world-wide history and a geography, each time ais if imposing to histories regional or, at least, condicionais.' ' (WALTER, 2006, P. .

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