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Quickly I understood that it was mistaken to me to be in this place. Nevertheless, the work exhibited in this gallery, of a Catalan artist than more acceptable, seemed to me contemporary less than mine: one treated of a figuration that cleared the illustration, but it had a flat treatment of the bottoms that made contemporary, a formula repeated in all the linen cloths that gave to a unit and an air him differential. Perhaps that it needed builds, that touch of looked for modernity on purpose. I will add that this type of figuration is called nowadays to him new figuration, but I ask myself if this term is adapted since it will arrive a little while, and I believe that this moment has arrived, in which this new figuration no longer will be new. Something intimidated we tried for the second time to make a raid in another one of those sacred temples (my nephew exclaimed: – You have eggs! ). In his walls it as much hung the collective work of several artists that seemed to us, as young companion, of an evil taste difficult to explain, but at least their linen cloths continued being within the borders of our artistic conception. Except for some exceptions, the there present pictures seemed to have left a bazaar or a store in liquidation, but had with elegant marks, surrounded by books of the own authors and in an elegant gallery and of reputation of one by the best districts of Paris, those pictures seemed something unattainable, a treasure of a great artistic quality. And although the work we would not like the place felt like to us, to the mediatic effects, a perfect showcase to show our work. Little ours lasted I throw and the putsch: not even they deigned to see our work, they had tail until within two years, exceeded artists to them, they had already passed that same day a few heavy ones as we and although were nobody in the gallery could not lose the time watching our work.

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