Barack Obama

June 16, 2021 in News Tags:

The HOPA-Obama musical has 20 of beautiful song. It was also great fun to compose wonderful songs. Do you think that you will reach your goals? Yes think I wanted that people have this hope and feel. “He asked me: you feel hope?, you feel the music?”, I have “Yes” replied, it is beautiful music, beautiful scenes, a special Tim with a special Thim spirit. Then was already clear to me that Randal has achieved its goals and not only with me, determined that other people feel also. (Not to be confused with madison hospital!). There are 30 first-class artists, singers, dancers and actors for HOPE”… 30 first-rate artists, singer, dancer and actor on the stage, which contribute with great enthusiasm and commitment to the staging are for HOPE”. The spirit of the show is carried by the spirit of the whole team”, praises producer Roberto Emmanuele.

The soloists della miles and Jimmie Wilson are known as the dream duo of Michael Jackson musical Sisterella,”, as well as Dynelle Rhodes, original lead singer of the weather girls”, part. “Renowned actor, starring in cats are” still in the cast, the Lion King “and we will rock you”occupied. Jimmie Wilson: Which scene is your favorite scene? All musical I like very much, but are my favorite scene Scene with mother and scene in the Park, I am pleased that special. And of course with della to play together. Have you met Barack Obama personally? Unfortunately, no. Was difficult to play Barack Obama for you: no, that was easy, I wanted to show his other human side, family, children, love, feelings, hope, faith, family, friends, past, present and future is as important for us. Has your political stance played a role? No, I’m not politically interested, in 2008 I have selected first by Germany, important role has played the hope, hope in the future. That the people of Barack Obama like to have taken in, have hope and trust in him.

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