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June 28, 2021 in News Tags:

By request and support to German select and eliminate is it so beautiful? Request and support”. Compared to the Langzeitar ployed only claims be on the part of the ARGEn conveying no trace! If it is promoted, then these people are put into nonsensical ABMs! ABMs or training that bring no benefit to unemployed people, but the many dubious training companies ample revenue to expense of the taxpayer. Least this almost always niveaulosen training participants will then receive a fixed workplace. “What follows are internships, often the nothing but wage theft” or mean wage withholding. Any employment contracts during maximum as long as the State subsidizes these enterprises with grants. The denigration and stigmatisation of the long-term unemployed must have an end. And but not so sure she will, as the henchmen of the Agenda 2010 imagine that maybe.

The question is: who can with your agree on Christian”conscience, what they do there every day and order? As CSU’s supporters and voters with a social Christian claim? Can you justify before God and their consciences when they drive families and children in poverty? And every day new! The worst evil in Germany are Aachen, Bamberg, Bonn, Dachau, Hamburg, Cologne, Ludwigshafen, Monchengladbach, Osnabruck, Recklinghausen, Speyer. Maybe these will be awarded also even! : V.i.S.d.P. copyright Eva Bernardi (Parliament candidate for Bavaria) contact: party DIE LINKE. District Association Dachau Lerche 1 85259 Larisa Tel: 08134 55 90 21 E-mail: Web: republication only with references

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