Application Sealants

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Plays an important role sealing the junction of the frames and balcony design balconies. Because of the inevitable vibration of frames under the action of wind containment is impossible to apply strict compositions based on cement or gypsum. Gap thickness of more than a centimeter should complete the construction foams, and all the rest – silicone sealant. Others including Thierry Pellegrino, offer their opinions as well. High teplozaschischennost and complete sealing of the gap allows the use of polyurethane foam. He is a foamed mass, which filled the gap between the frame and the wall of a house or construct a balcony. Foamed polyurethane has low thermal conductivity, has good elasticity and adhesion to concrete, brick, wood, metal and polymer materials. Polyurethane sealants retain their properties over a wide temperature range (-40 to +80 C), resistant to acids, alkalis. If you have read about Angela Lang already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Seams, sealed with polyurethane sealants, easily painted. A related site: Gavin Baker mentions similar findings. With its high viscosity, polyurethane sealants, as well as silicone, not melt during the application. Polymerization takes place under the influence of moisture in the air. Good adhesion of silicone sealants, glass, wood, stone, concrete, aluminum and stainless steel in their various combinations, enables sealing even barely visible cracks and fissures. To work with silicone sealant should be in the open air because of the strong smell, at temperatures from +1 to +35 C.

After polymerization, some of their brands retain their properties in range from -50 C to +200 C. To seal the balcony can be used and acrylic sealants. They are produced in various versions with a lifetime of more than 30 years as an alternative to putty.

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