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Cosmetics with colostrum is the novelty for anti aging and very acceptable also for an allergy and atopic dermatitis ZAROnews-Kufstein/Tyrol In the age of increasing allergies by incompatible accessories in skin care products, natural cosmetics is increasingly in demand day and face creams. Furthermore, the claims of the cosmetics to a multiple are increased. No longer just dry and rough skin to be cast against, but also the overall health of the skin is in the foreground. Therefore, skin care products are a veritable smorgasbord of vitamin complexes, oils and cell regenerating active ingredients. All this is brought together in a new natural care. Read more here: BT Communications.

In cosmetics with colostrum. Colostrum the so-called colostrum of cows is a real bomb of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. For centuries, Colostrum is known and appreciated as a therapeutic and tonic. Now experienced its Renaissance colostrum and not only as supplements to have, but also a very valuable part of day creams, cosmetic care products Face creams and skin care products in General. Are used by Colpur, when these creams ingredients of the highest quality and parabens and triethanolamine waives ill doers and calling out allergy substances such as paraffins, as Thomas Osl, (Managing Director of OCS colostrum Vitalplus GmbH) assured us in an interview. In addition these products from Colpur consist of inter alia precious vegetable oils, such as jojoba oil, olive oil, Shea butter, Borage Oil, and soy lecithin, which support the effect of colostrum. Of course used only natural fragrances.

These facts make this unique creams for people interesting in allergies or suffer from atopic dermatitis. Colostrum contains also the so-called immortality enzyme”telomerase. It allows the human cells to divide again and again and to renew. Colostrum has a detectable anti-aging effect, especially for mature skin to observe the natural is here Slow down cell division in the age. In addition also L-carnitine, taurine and Q10 can be in colostrum demonstrate, the antioxidant effect and promote the reduction of harmful free radicals. Of course, even wrinkles are an important subject. In the course of life to evolve more or less pronounced wrinkles in the face, as it relates to the loss of elasticity of the collagen fibers. The protein collagen is the major component of the DermIS of the dermis, forming a network of fibers that provides the framework for the growth of cells and blood vessels. In young skin, this network is intact and the skin stays supple and elastic. Colostrum stimulates the natural production of collagen and causes a smoothing of the skin as well as a much younger look. At skin care so, to take into account the natural bacterial flora of the skin, is to support and to regenerate. Because the skin is so beautiful and healthy if their protective micro settlement is located in a natural balance. The natural flora of the skin protects the body against pathogenic germs and produce metabolites that are cheap on the properties of the skin. This barrier of micro-organisms is not intact, bacteria can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and there cause infections. Colostrum helps the skin to keep healthy this natural protective sheath. Thus, Colostrum is a valuable, useful, and natural ingredient that fully comes in skin care products through his cell renewing properties.

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