Alberto Abudara

February 1, 2018 in News Tags:

For example, at this time I am writing this note, search quickly in Google: marketing articles and someone named Alberto Abudara has an article on squidoo on this subject ( This article of positions #3 in Google when someone searches for the same sentence that I, specifically. So knowing this, what I’ll do after writing this note, is go to Squidoo and publish an article rich in keywords and once they approve it me, put some backlinks here and over there. If it is made correctly, this note should be quickly on Google and we might have even the opportunity of appearing twice on the first page of Google organic results. He writes articles specific, with targeted marketing. Esribe key words already are ranked in search engines. Promote the url of your article to get backlinks. Many backlinks.

Get massive BACKLINKS for your new article is the most important of all the secrets. Many single people write articles, publishing them, and leave them as is. Would it work as well? Yes of course! You’ll always have some readers by adding content to any web site with authority only. But if you promote the url to make backlinks then your item will enjoy high positioning, perhaps even up on the first page Google oganica and here is when the magic arrives.

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